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With My Money Club, I Can Show You How To Get Free Government Money, Free Government Cash Grants, Government Contracts and Free Help To Get Going-- Just Like These Folks Did!

Free Government MoneyBillionaire H. Ross Perot Quickly Made His First Million With The Government!

Today, he needs no introduction. H. Ross Perot has a amassed a staggering $3.2 Billion dollar fortune according to Forbes Magazine. He's run for president, he has a ranch in Texas - that's 100,000 acres and his business interests are gigantic. Yet They Once said "Ross Who?"


When he got out of the Navy, no one had ever heard of him. From a Middle-class background, He didn't have a single cent in the bank. Then he discovered how to get rich...


Huge profits in government contracts made H. Ross Perot a millionaire before he was 30 and over 25 million by the time he was 34 years old. Anyone could have done the same thing.



Tycoon Donald Trump Reveals a
"Little Secret"
-How He Made His First Million!

His lifestyle is the envy of the world... a private Boeing 737... a 118-room mansion in sunny Florida... a 156 foot yacht... people breaking down his door to meet him... deals coming to him with the ease of a Michael Jordan MID-court lob.


His business interests are almost unbelievable. His casinos in New Jersey generate close to $1 Billion in revenue every year. That's 22.5 million a month. Trump Tower in New York is home to Steven Spielberg, movie stars, the wealthy, the famous. Donald Trump can afford anything- but that wasn't always the case.




Paul Newman Received Money To Promote his business!

He started mixing salad dressing in his kitchen in Westport, Connecticut. Then a friend suggested he try selling them. He did and an empire was born- Newman's Own salad dressing was an instant smash hit. Today sales have gone through $105 million.


Paul Newman then learned about a government program that gave you money to promote your business- and he wisely jumped on the bandwagon. All of his profits are given away to charitable causes, confirming the great actor as one of Americas true heroes.




Personal Grant Money For A New Career


Free Money To Quit Your Job By Matthew Lesko



Each Year Over 1,000,000 get government money to start or expand a business like:

  •  $1,000,000 To Quit Your Job To Be Your Own Boss
  • $150,000 To Quit Your Job  business grant to start a coffee shop
  • $30,000 To Quit Your Job  to start a craft business in your home
  • $2,000,000 grant or loan to be a real estate housing expert
  • $65,000 To Quit Your Job  to open a hair salon
  • $50,000 To Quit Your Job  to export cowboy boots to France
  • $10,000 To Quit Your Job  to become a skate board distributor
  • $200,000 To Quit Your Job  for your landscaping business
  • $300,000 To Quit Your Job  to sell art to the government
  • $100,000 To Quit Your Job  to be a freelancer working at home
  • $80,000 To Quit Your Job

50 Million People are Eligible for Government Grants and Help But don't apply:


It is understandable that most people do not know about all government money programs. I do not even know about every government money program available and I have been studying these programs for over 25 years. But what should surprise you, because it surprised the heck out of me, is that there are millions of Americans who are eligible to call the government today and get thousands of dollars from some of the government’s basic programs. For example:



  • 4 Million Seniors can receive up to $1,000 from Medicare but don't apply because they are unaware of the program

  • 6 Million Families are missing out on free health insurance for their kids

  • 10 Million Families can get up to $4,000 a year for groceries but do not apply

  • 800,000 College Students can receive grants up to $4,050 but do not apply

  • Single Moms can receive some of the $673 million in collected unclaimed child support payments

  • 29 Million Seniors do not know they can get colonoscopies, bone mass measurement, prostate cancer and glaucoma tests paid for by Medicare

Even Millionaires Are Eligible

Everyone is eligible for government money programs. I continue to use these programs for myself and my entire family. The rich and famous use these programs for their success. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, H. Ross Perot, Federal Express, and Nike shoes have all used these programs. These programs are for everyone who lives in this great democracy. You just have to know where to go to take advantage of them


Questions? Lesko Has the answers.

Here are a few helpful articles


New York Times Best Selling Author, Matthew Lesko
He has 25 years of experience educating everyone from Fortune 500 companies to average taxpayers about government money programs. Two of his books have been on the New York Times Best Seller Lists. Two have received awards from the American Library Association. He has written over 100 books on the subject. He has written syndicated columns for The New York Times and Good Housekeeping Magazine and has been a regular on hundreds of TV talk shows including Larry King, The Today Show, Jay Leno's Tonight Show, Letterman and Oprah.


Free Money For College And JobsFree Money To Quit Your Job Is Now Part Of The Government Money Club.

Now You Can Access Over 17,000 Programs... Hours of "How To" videos, Examples of approved Free Money applications ($50 value alone), Live Librarians to help point you to specific programs plus Lesko Live seminars are now available with the click of a mouse. No additional money is required. New programs arrive everyday.


Free Money For Seniors



Grants - Free Money - Low Interest Loans - Free Services - Free Expertise - Free Gifts and Bargains Free Information, Publications and DVD's


Government Programs for Seniors Start At Age 40

Access over 3,000 government programs worth $890 Billion for Seniors to:


  • Pay Living Expenses and Bills
  • Free Health Services
  • Start or Expand A Business
  • Work On Your Invention
  • Because An Artist
  • Take Free Courses
  • Volunteer As a Park Ranger or Archeologist
  • Free Legal Services
  • Free Help For Caregivers
  • Get Free and Discount Drugs
  • Pay for Housing & Real Estate
  • Start a Non-Profit
  • Write a Novel
  • Free Job Training
  • Get a Degree or PhD for Free
  • Free Travel & Recreation
  • Free Medical Equiptment
  • Get the Best Info, Cures and Treatments

Mathew Lesko: New York Times Best Selling Author of over 100 books, former columnist for the New York Times Syndicate and Good Housekeeping Magazine, quest on Oprah, Larry King, Letterman, Leno, Today Show, CNN, ABC News, and hundreds more.


Seniors Who Make Up To $150,000 Are Eligible For These Benefits:


Go on A Free Archeological Dig - Access To Health Info That's Better Than Your Doctor-Free Treatment By Expert Doctors Who Get Government Grants - 60% Discount On Dental Care - 350 Colleges Where You Can Go For Free - Train To Be A Master Gardener - $30,000 To Study French Cooking - Learn How to Legally Transfer Your Assets To Get Gov To Pay For Long Term Care - Learn How To Get Medicine To Pay For A Motor Scooter - $3,000 To Sell Your Products Overseas - $1,000,000 At Age 63 To Make High Tech Golf Clubs - $250,000To Work On Your Invention  Free Screenings For: Breast Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Osteoporosis, Prostate Cancer, thousands more!


Seniors Who Make Up To $50,000 Are Eligible For These Benefits:


$3,500 For Emergency Home Repairs - Free Prescription Drugs - $500 For Caring For A Relative - $120 Off Your Phone Bill - Personal Emergency Response System - Free Prescription Drugs - $3,000 To Be A Foster Grandparent - Grants For Alzheimer Caregivers - $2,500 To Pay For New Insulation - Extra $10,400 Because Of A Disability - $2,000 For Cancer Patient - $10,000To Buy A Talking Computer - $20,000 Forgivable Loans To Fix Up Your Home - Financial Assistance For Those Needing Heart Surgery - $6,000 To Pay For Groceries - $2,000 Grant To Pay Rent Or Mortgage...Plus Thousands More!




30 Million Taxpayers Take Advantage Of American Benefits


got $100,000 to work on his invention

got $1,000 worth of FREE prescription drugs

got $7,000 to fix up her mother's house

got The job of a LIFETIME


Every Day You Don't Know About Your Government Benefits Is Another Day You're Wasting Money!


Grants For SeniorsFree Money For Seniors Is Now Part Of The Government Money Club.

Now You Can Access Over 17,000 Programs... Hours of "How To" videos, Examples of approved Free Money applications ($50 value alone), Live Librarians to help point you to specific programs plus Lesko Live seminars are now available with the click of a mouse. No additional money is required. New programs arrive everyday.


Get $500 To $500,000 In Free Government Money, Cash Grants Or Government Loans

Get $500 To $500,000 In Free Government Money, Cash Grants Or Government Loans

Free Money With Matthew LeskoStart Your Own Business – Or Change Your Life-
Just By Making A Few Phone Calls!


Dear Friend,


If Donald Trump, H. Ross Perot, Nike, Winnebago & FedEx got Free Government Money before they were famous, You Can Too! Imagine milking the same system they did to suit your own dreams and change your life.
Everyone looks upon multi-millionaires like Steve Jobs, H. Ross Perot and Donald Trump as self-made success stories–but it’s not true! They made their first million using government giveaway programs. And they did it when they were complete unknowns. No one had ever heard of them when they pocketed their money. Sure, today they’re household names… but not back then. Even Paul Newman, the actor got free government money.


They took the money and they built a life that’s like a vacation every day. Their money worries are gone forever. Imagine what that would be like for you? They used Government moneygovernment programs the way you now can… and the mind boggling news doesn’t stop there…

The “big name” millionaires are just the tip of the iceberg…

The most successful American companies have also jumped on the bandwagon including: Home Depot, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, America Online, Outback Steakhouse, Nike and Callaway Golf! They all received government money in the form of a grant, loan guarantee, loan, direct payment or fat, juicy contract!


Hey, anyway you spell it, it’s called CASH, CASH, CASH! And frankly who could blame them.? Would you turn down the opportunity for cash? They were just smart enough to know where to look for it.


Wouldn’t you like to have a buck for every time you’ve said to yourself: “If I could only get my hands on some money, I would…”


Own my own business

Buy a new home

“Be my own boss”

“Quit my dead end job”

“Enjoy life more”

“Live my dreams”

“Buy a new car”

“Travel and eat out more often”



You can…. Just like the people listed here did. You can get $10,000…$25,000…$100,000 … even as much as $250,000 or more in free cash to start your own business, work at home at your own pace, full or part time. In fact you can get just about everything else you need to start your new life, including products to sell, office supplies and equipment, furniture, expert advice on personal matters, taxes, business…. The list is virtually endless!


All you have to do is take advantage of one of the largest and most powerful sources of free cash and know-how in the world-The US Government. And best of all, you can get as little services and money you need just by dialing the right phone numbers. Let me tell you more about how you can cash in on this endless well of free government giveaway programs.


Free Money: Winning The Government Giveaway Game


Each year the U.S. Government sets aside $350 Billion to give away to people who want to change their lives and achieve financial independence by starting their own business or do something different like finding a great new job that pays big money.


Government Money For Ben and Jerry'sNo where else can you get your hands on this much for nothing. In fact the government has $350 billion up for grabs in over 14,322 give-away programs that hand out government grants, loans, direct payments, loan guarantees, contracts– even cold cash you can deposit in the bank! It’s literally like a 24 karat goldmine just waiting to be found by anyone who has ever dreamed of enjoying financial freedom and beating out the system.


I’ve been a columnist for The New York Times, Good Housekeeping and Maturity News. I’ve had two books on the New York Times Best Sellers list. The American Library Association presented me with Two “Best Book Of The Year” awards”.


I’ve been a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Dave Letterman Show, Jay Leno, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live in addition to many, many others. All because what I was saying was so amazing and true. That’s why they had me on! Why not put all this to work for you…


Matthew LeskoEverything in my books is now available online at my Government Money Club Search 10,000 Government Money Programs, Get Help filling out forms, applications, download informative videos, ask questions , get help now!


Get Instant Access to Free Money programs for Business and Personal Needs:

Order today and take advantage of over 35 years of Free money experience and $1000’s of dollars worth of Matthew Lesko research updated from over 75 Free Money Books and Videos.


Free Money For Everybody

Get 1,700 Of the Best Government Free Money Programs Your Tax Money Can Buy With
Matthew Lesko’s Free Money For Everybody Book On CD And DVD

PLUS… learn the secrets of locating thousands of other government grants, low interest loans, direct payments, contracts and free services that are available to everybody

Free Money Facts –

  • The Government Gives Out Over $1.5 Trillion A Year In Free Money
  • That’s An Average Of $11,450 A Year Per Taxpayer…
  • Only 12% Of All Government Free Money Goes To The Poor…
  • NO Income Requirements For 75% Of Government Money Programs…
  • 50 Million People Are Eligible To Get Free Money But Don’t Apply…
  • Up To 39% Of The People Who Contact The Government About Money Programs Get The Wrong Info…
  • Only 20% of All Gov’t Free Money Is Called “Grants” …
  • Don’t Miss Out On 80% Of Available Free Money…
  • 90% of Free Money Applications For Americans Do Not Require Complicated Applications, Simply Fill In The Blanks…


Your Federal, State, and Local Governments are Giving Out:


  • $2,000 to Pay Your Mortgage
  • $5,000 For Seniors To Fix Up A Home
  • $10,000 For A New Roof
  • $15,000 For A Down Payment
  • $2,500 For Truck Stop Employees To Go To School
  • $2,000 To Study Islam
  • $10,000 To Be A Chef
  • $30,000 To Study Nursing
  • $5,000 To Be An Activist
  • $1,500/Mo To Live On To Start Your Business
  • $100,000 Working From Your Kitchen Table
  • $10,000 To Start A Business In St Croix
  • $10,000 To Start A Child Care Business
  • $10,000 At 0% Interest
  • $500 To Pay Emergency Expenses
  • $1,000 In Extra Spending Money
  • $10,000 To Buy A Talking Computer
  • $250,000 To Work On Your Invention
  • $10,000 To Fix Up Your Store
  • $8,000 To Train For A New Job
  • $10,000 For Divorced Women Looking For A Career
  • $7,000 To Retrain If You Are Over 55
  • $2,000 For Prescription Drugs
  • $3,000 Extra For Cancer Patients
  • $10,000 To Care For Grandma
  • $2,000 For Dental Care
  • Free Cruises For Teachers
  • Go On A Free Archaeological Dig
  • $3,700 For Summer Travel For Teachers
  • $30,000 To Travel To Italy


The Worlds First Interactive Free Money DVD (or VHS) Teaches You:


Lessons you can use forever. The companion 90-minute “how-to course” will take you step-by-step through getting most out of every money program you are entitled to. Lesko personally holds your hand while showing you how to get the most out of your government. A training course that will excite you and show you how little known government sources can change your life, and Lesko does it in a way where you have FUN.


Learn About Free Money Programs:


  • Start or Expand a Business
  • Buy or Fix Up Real Estate
  • Artists, Writers, Dancers, Musicians
  • People With Disabilities
  • Education & Training
  • Pay Off Student Loans
  • Pay Your Bills
  • Job Hunting & Volunteering
  • Money For Kids
  • Legal Services
  • Money For Non-Profits
  • Money For Teachers
  • Travel Money


Matthew Lesko is the #1 Free Money Expert In The US. He has written over 100 books on government money, including 2 New York Times Best Sellers. He has been a columnist for Good Housekeeping Magazine, The New York Times Syndicate and The Chicago Tribune, and has made hundreds of radio and TV appearances including Oprah, Larry King, Letterman, Today Show, Good Morning American and The Tonight Show


Rich – Poor – Good Credit – Bad Credit- Everybody is eligible to apply for government money for Home, Business, Family, Education, Health and even to pay your bills.


Free Money For Everybody Is Now Part Of  The Free Government Money Club.


Matthew LeskoOver 17,000 Programs… Hours of “How To” videos, Examples of approved Free Money applications ($50 value alone), Live Librarians to help point you to specific programs plus Lesko Live seminars are now available with the click of a mouse. No additional money is required. New programs arrive everyday.

Get Instant Access to Free Money programs for Business and Personal Needs:

Order today and take advantage of over 35 years of Free money experience and $1000’s of dollars worth of Matthew Lesko research updated from over 75 Free Money Books and Videos.


Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.


Government Money Club

With Matthew Lesko

Get Instant Access to The Country's Largest Single Source Of Free Government Money Programs, Custom Research Services and Free Government Grant Writing Help.

Millions of Taxpayers Take Advantage of Government Programs in the Matthew Lesko  Government Money Club

Barbara Allen
$1,000,000 For A Pet Projects Business
Phil Newsome
$9,000 To Train For A New Job
Pamela Viers
$50,000 To Send Her Children To College
Bradley Sowash
$30,000 To Develop CD and Play Piano



Money And Help For Every Part Of Your Life... The Free Money Club Can Help!
Learn About Free Government Grants * Loans * Services * Gifts * and Professional Expertise That Are Due To You!

10,000 Programs worth over $890 Billion for Americans Earning from $15,000 to $250,000:

- Free Money for Bills & Expenses - Invest In Your Ideas
- Start Your Own Business - Get A Better Job
- Go Back To School - Green Government Grants
- Invest In Real Estate - Buy or Fix Your House
- Get Better Health Care - Get Free Legal Help
- Free Gifts For Entire Family - Free Vacations
- Take Courses - Work On Your Invention
It's Easy And It The Club Works…
Step #1) Search the World's Largest Database Of Government Money And Free Services
Step #2) Get Free Help Filling Out Any Application


You Have Questions, Matthew Has The Free Money Answers

Matthew Lesko, a New York Times best selling author and former syndicated columnist for the New York Times Syndicate and Good Housekeeping Magazine, gives you customized answers for all your questions. You'll get an answer normally within 24 to 72 hours. Even faster in some cases.

Not Sure Where To Look For Information? Let My Free Money Librarian Help

The Instant Messenger Web Site Librarian will help you in locating benefit programs you're looking to find. She will help find the right information within the government money club database for you.

Make Filling Out Government Grant & Free Money Money Forms a Breeze With Our Help!

As a Government money club member, you will receive free help filling out government applications for benefits you are entitled to receive.


Become A Member of The Government Money Club
And Get Instant Access To Your
Free Government Money Programs!

Members Receive the instant access to the following services via the Internet


A Searchable Database of 10,000 Programs and Sources
Services available from Federal, State, and Local Governments and
Non-Profit Organizations that can be used in most any area of your life.
Free Grant Writing Help
Help Filling Out Government Applications if you find a specific government application to be too complicated or difficult.
Instant Messenger Info-Librarian
Access to an information librarian that can direct you to the proper sources and
programs that are tailored to your need.
Sample Applications
Copies of sample applications are available for review as well as samples of
successful completed applications.
First To Receive Benefits
A monthly e-newsletter will announce new government programs to insure that you are among the first in line to receive all money and services that are being offered  in new benefit programs.
Instant Program Alerts:
Timely alerts will be posted describing programs and services that can be used to solve problems that result from items in the news, like gas price increases, natural disasters, back to school, or the installation of a new administration.
Free Training/Education/Strategies
Audios, videos and special reports will train members on the skills and strategies for using government benefits effectively as well as strategies for personal and financial success. Matthew Lesko has been training people for the past 25 years on how to live and succeed in the Age of Information.

Look who got Free money from the government

Free Money Success Stories!

Real People Getting

FREE Help, FREE Money and FREE Advice!

They got business grants, free government money, low cost loans traveled the world… went back to school… All on Government Money! You Can Too!


Free Money and Help Testimonials Keith Rosa & Gill Rodrigues, Florida

A pharmacist and college students who received $100,000 to start a coffee shop.



Jackie Smith, Marylandlayout2_small

had a dead end job in accounting and received over $30,000 for a degree in tax accounting.





Jamie Kelley, Florida

was unemployed and received free tuition, transportation, spending money, plus $700-a-month child care to train for a new job.




layout4_smallArlene Hooks, Florida

With no collateral she received money to buy equipment for her business, plus a microloan.





Marshall T. Poe, Washington, D.C.

spent 15 years supporting himself with government money studying Russian studies.




layout6_smallBart Woodward, Maryland

uses money from government contracts to work at home with the kids while his wife uses money to go to medical school.





Tori Stewardson, Virginia

a 42-year-old mother received over $15,000 plus books and transportation to go back to school to finish her degree.




layout8_smallBlanca Basson, Florida

a singer who received over $30,000 to start a home-based business doing musical jingles.





John Sennett, Virgina

a bar manager who received over $25,000 to go back to school and is now marketing director for a hot internet company.




layout10_smallSheri Winchell, Maryland

lost her job in telemarketing and received government money to start a monogram store in a shopping mall.




layout11_smallJames Freericks, Washington, D.C.

received over $500,000 in government money to work on his project and travel overseas.





Raymond Whitfield, Washington, D.C.

At 68 years old received over $20,000 from the government to get a Master’s Degree in vocational rehabilitation.




These Billionaires Made Their First Million With Government Money Way Before They Were Captains of Industry!

Free Money Press

Free Money Press

My Almost Unbelievable FREE Money Government Grants & Loans Miracle BLEW AWAY Oprah Winfrey, The Today Show, Joan Rivers, Larry King & Vickie Lawrence!”


The Press Hails:

Mathew Lesko’s FREE Government Money Secret‘s Are Real!…


ABC News: ” Mathew Leskos book is intended for the average consumer to take advantage of government programs”


New York Times: ” The vast reservoir of information is why Matthew Lesko is a success.”


CNN News: “Matthew Lesko has dedicated his life to the motto: The best things in life are free”


The Columbus Dispatch: “Contrary to public opinion, the government can help you change your life for the better”


Nashville Banner:Mathew Lesko… makes a lot of sense about getting the most out of our government, getting all kinds of free stuff – that when you think of it, you have already paid for with your taxes”


Parade Magazine: “Mathew Lesko specialty is getting free information from Washington”


Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Matthew Lesk has built a business on telling people how to get theirs and change their lives”


The Tampa Tribune: “The Mathew Lesco 1136 page telephone book-size guide lists 15,000 sources for $350 billion in government cash.”
Austin American-Statesman: “The Mathew Lesco Consummate guide to all the ways we, as tax paying American citizens, can utilize the free expert information out there.”


Wall St. Journal: ” His knowledge helps find answers in unlikely places”


Chicago Sun Times: “Matt Lesko Knows more about the government than most of its high level executives.”


AlbanyTimes Union: “Matt Lesko has carved a niche for himself as the guy who knows where to ask the questions, especially when the answers involve government programs and money.”


MinneapolisStar Tribune: “Mathew Lesko is a purveyor of government information.”


The Indianapolis Star: “Lesko clowns around because it is fun and it draws attention to his books, which contain tons of serious information.”


Everything Is Now Available Inside The Government Money Club


Matthew LeskoThe Government Money Club has over 17,000 Programs… Hours of How To videos, Examples of approved Free Money applications ($50 value alone), Live Librarians to help point you to specific programs plus Lesko Live seminars are now available with the click of a mouse. No additional money is required. New programs arrive everyday

Get Instant Access to Free Money programs for Business and Personal Needs.


Order today and take advantage of over 35 years of Free money experience with Matthew Lesko’s research updated from over 75 Free Money Books and Videos.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.

Free Money To Change Your Life

350 Billion in Free Money

to be spent on 20 Million People like you!


The US government is where the  Free money comes from. It's happening to over 20 million people each and every year. Free Money for Rich people, Free Money for poor people, Free Money for young people, and even old people are all eligible for  Free Money programs!


1,000,000 entrepreneurs get free money to start or expand a business

4,000,000 people get free goverment money to invest in real estate

6,000,000 people get free money to go to college

10,000,000 people get free help and training for a better job


Introducing 5,000 Free government money programs where you can find opportunities to:


  • Free Money To Open Up a Coffee House
  • Free Money To Go to School in Hawaii
  • Free Money To Become a French Chef
  • Free Money To Open a Country Inn
  • Free Money To Become a Grizzly Bear Tagger
  • Free Money To Study Arts Management
  • Free Money To Edit Science Magazines at Home
  • Free Money To Study Storytelling
  • Free Money To Produce a TV Show For Kids
  • Free Money To Attend a Cowboy Festival in Australia
  • Free Money To Start a Street Hockey Equipment Distributorship
  • Free Money To Renovate an Old House
  • Free Money To Start a Day Care Center


These are Free government money programs which give out billions in taxpayers money each year but never spend a dime in letting people know that they're available.


Next year you could be one of the:


  • 1,000,000 entrepreneurs who will get free money and low cost loans from the government to start or grow a business
  • 4,000,000 people who will get free money and low cost loans to invest in real estate
  • 6,000,000 people who will get free money and low cost loans to go to college
  • 10,000,000 people who will get free help and training for a better job 


With Free Money Available, No Excuses not to be happy


What most of us are totally unaware of, is that on the other side of a telephone line is over $350 billion worth of taxpayers funds that you can use to help make your dreams come true.


    What's The Catch?

Is there a catch? Yes, there is. The catch is that getting free money from government is going to take effort on your part. In our information driven society, it's information that is the tool for success. This Free Money book gives you all the tools you need to change your life because it's loaded with all kinds of valuable information. But it has to be you that puts it all to use. Changing your life isn't like adding a room to your house, where you can hire a contractor to do all the work. You have to take an active role in order to change your life, and here are the free money tools to help you do it.



Chapters Include:

  • Introduction
  • Lesko’s Lesson On Life
  • I Wanna Go To School
  • I Wanna Write A Book
  • I Wanna Travel
  • I Wanna Be A Freelancer
  • I Wanna Start My Own Business
  • I Wanna Start A Business And I Have No Money
  • I Wanna Be A Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • I Wanna Be An Inventor
  • I Wanna Start My Own Non-Profit
  • I Wanna Be A Volunteer
  • I Wanna Be Trained
  • I Wanna Get Experience To Get A Better Job
  • I Wanna Government Job
  • I Wanns Get Money And I’M Out of Work
  • I Wanna Get My GED Or More Adult Education
  • I Wanna Fix Up My Neighborhood
  • I Wanna New Career And I’m A Women
  • I Wanna New Career and I’m Over 50
  • I Wanna New Career and I’m Disabled
  • I Wanna New Career and I’m A Veteran
  • I Wanna New Career and I’m An Ex-Offender
  • Free Help To write A Resume
  • Job Hunt On the Internet
  • Help In Choosing A Career
  • How Do I Check Out A Move
  • How Do I Take Care of the Kids
  • How Do I Get Free Research Help
  • I Wanna Change My Name


Free Money With Matthew Lesko

Free Money To Change Your Life Is Now Part Of The Government Money Club.

Over 17,000 Programs... Hours of "How To" videos, Examples of approved Free Money applications ($50 value alone), Live Librarians to help point you to specific programs plus Lesko Live seminars are now available with the click of a mouse. No additional money is required. New programs arrive everyday.



Free Money For Moms



Matthew LeskoUncle Sam Celebrates Busy Mom’s

Government Data shows that when a married women goes to work outside the home she will increase the family income by an extra 93% and her husband will increase his share of the housework by only one hour per week. Slow Down! Here's a book that will do your work for you.




Name, Address, Websites and Descriptions For How To Get:


  • Free Cars For Moms To Get To Work
  • Free Child Safety Seats
  • $65/ Month For Bus Money
  • $1,260 A Month For Child Care
  • Free Legal Help To Get More Maternity Leave
  • $4,000 to Paint Your Home
  • Free CD-ROM of Fun Games For Kids
  • Make Extra Cash Finding Government Lost Money
  • Free Puzzle’s From NASA
  • Discounts On Braces For Your Kids
  • Free Mammograms and Breast Cancer treatment
  • Free Services To Find A Lost Lover Or Relative
  • $200 To Pay Your Phone Bill
  • Free Eyeglasses
  • Free Health Insurance For Your Kids
  • $20,000 Grant To Fix Up Your Home
  • Free College For Women Over 55
  • 100 Grants For Women Entrepreneurs
  • $15,000 To Start A Business When You’re Out of Work
  • Money To Start A Day Care Center
  • Free Seminars On How To Start An Import/Export Business
  • 0% Interest Loans To Start A Business In A Small Town
  • Free Books On Child Care
  • Free Tuition, Day Care and Transportation
  • Save $2,000 on Preparing A Business Plan
  • Free Money For Women Inventors
  • Money To Pay for Closing Costs On A New Home
  • Money For Women to Start Taxi Companies
  • Government Contracts For Women Entrepreneurs
  • Free Child Care When You’re Looking For A Job
  • 178 Scholarships For Mom’s Going Back To College
  • Free Legal Help For Collecting Child Support
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