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Free Government MoneyBillionaire H. Ross Perot Quickly Made His First Million With The Government!

Today, he needs no introduction. H. Ross Perot has a amassed a staggering $3.2 Billion dollar fortune according to Forbes Magazine. He's run for president, he has a ranch in Texas - that's 100,000 acres and his business interests are gigantic. Yet They Once said "Ross Who?"


When he got out of the Navy, no one had ever heard of him. From a Middle-class background, He didn't have a single cent in the bank. Then he discovered how to get rich...


Huge profits in government contracts made H. Ross Perot a millionaire before he was 30 and over 25 million by the time he was 34 years old. Anyone could have done the same thing.



Tycoon Donald Trump Reveals a
"Little Secret"
-How He Made His First Million!

His lifestyle is the envy of the world... a private Boeing 737... a 118-room mansion in sunny Florida... a 156 foot yacht... people breaking down his door to meet him... deals coming to him with the ease of a Michael Jordan MID-court lob.


His business interests are almost unbelievable. His casinos in New Jersey generate close to $1 Billion in revenue every year. That's 22.5 million a month. Trump Tower in New York is home to Steven Spielberg, movie stars, the wealthy, the famous. Donald Trump can afford anything- but that wasn't always the case.




Paul Newman Received Money To Promote his business!

He started mixing salad dressing in his kitchen in Westport, Connecticut. Then a friend suggested he try selling them. He did and an empire was born- Newman's Own salad dressing was an instant smash hit. Today sales have gone through $105 million.


Paul Newman then learned about a government program that gave you money to promote your business- and he wisely jumped on the bandwagon. All of his profits are given away to charitable causes, confirming the great actor as one of Americas true heroes.