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According to Matthew Lesko: The stimulus is over but the spending continues….

In 2010, The Government granted and loaned over $300 billion to all types of people, small business, big companies and others. $300 billion in free government money seems
like a staggering amount, but the truly astonishing figure is that there is a $3.12 trillion pool of free money made available for personal and business uses
through federal, state and local government grants, contracts, jobs, education and other free money programs,” he explains. “It’s a maze of free
government money programs, services, set-asides, low interest loans and government business grants, but the free government money is very much still

Cut Spending???? The Government Is Still Giving an Unheard of Amount Of Money Away.

“This just underscores what a lot of us already know: if there’s enough free money to pull the big banks and the stock market out of a plummet with direct
payments and federal grants, there’s enough free government grant money to fund smaller businesses,” says Matthew Lesko. “We’ve already paid for the money with
our federal tax dollars, but the government doesn’t advertise these government free money programs so most people are in the dark. They don’t even know these
personal free money programs exist.”
News Quotes:
“The best money opportunity we have right now is the government,” Lesko said. “I think it is for everybody right now, I think it’s the only game in town. I think
if you want to do something in the next year or so you’ve got to know what is available”
Matthew lesko’s advice has helped people like Debbie Lawless, who said she couldn’t have opened her Kensington restaurant Cae Monet in 1998 without help from Matthew Lesko.
Lawless has now moved to Atlanta and the cae is gone, but she found out about a Small Business Administration Loan to open it from one of Lesko’s books, purchased on a whim from the Internet. Post-Newsweek Media/Gazette

What’s The Free Money Catch?

Is there a catch? Yes, there is. The catch is that getting free money from government is going to take effort on your part. In our information driven society, it’s information that is the tool for success. The Free Money books give you all the tools you need to change your life because they’re loaded with all kinds of valuable information. But it has to be you that puts it all to use.
Changing your life isn’t like adding a room to your house, where you can hire a contractor to do all the work. You have to take an active role in order to change your life, and here are the free grant money tools to help you do it.

About The Government Money Club:

Matthew Lesko has compiled his expertise into an interactive, online resource Government Money Club– Lesko’s massive goldmine of government grants and loan resources and free advice doubles as a hub linking entrepreneurs and free grant money-enthusiasts alike to Government grants,  business grants, free Government moneywomens grants , Grants for Education, small business grantsstate grants, Personal Grant Money work at home  opportunities and more.  Matthew’s 30 years of researching government grants for business and personal use and his video talents are all inside the web service. “It’s the future and the best way to train people to take advantage of free government grant money programs,” he says.


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Everything in my Free Grant Money books is now available online at my Free Government Money Club Search 10,000 Government Grant Money Programs, get help filling out forms, applications, download informative training videos, ask questions, get help now! For Business Grants, Loans, Personal Grants and Needs.