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Free Government Grant Applications

Government Money Contracts, Grants and Business Plans

Free Government Money Applications on CDNow You Can see original federal applications from people who know the tricks of getting free government grants and contracts .

Getting Free Government Money takes effort. My book’s will point you in the right direction but the final leg of your effort will be writing that all important business plan/ application and that’s where I can now help you with my Federal Government Grant and Business Plan Cheat Sheets! Introducing…

40 Successful Business Plans & 50 Successful Government Money Applications on CD-ROM!

If you are seeking grants, loans, venture capital or almost any other kind of money for your business, the people giving out this money are going to ask you for a “Business Plan”. W hat’s a business plan? It’s basically a document that states what your business is going to do and how you are going to make money doing it.


Preparing a business plan can be an overwhelming project for those who have never accomplished such a task. But once you have prepared a plan to get government money, or once you’ve seen one, you will realize how easy it can be.


This CD-ROM shows you the details of 50 original applications from people who already know the secrets of getting government money. These applications are from successful people who have spent countless hours understanding the tricks and strategies necessary for filling out government forms in a way that will get you the money. Now, all you have to do is copy them.


This material has never before been published. Matthew Lesko‘s researchers were able to obtain these documents by using the government’s own laws, the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, against itself. You can now share in his knowledge.


Save $1,000’s In Accounting Fees

You can pay thousands of dollars to hire an accountant or other professional to help you prepare a business plan, or you can do one yourself by following someone else’s plan that was already successful in getting government money. Once you see a sample plan, you will be surprised how easy it is for you to write a plan yourself to get the money you need!


Matthew Lesko has spent over 25 years researching government programs for both Fortune 500 companies and the average taxpayer. He has written over 100 books about government information and wrote syndicated columns for both the New York Times and Good Housekeeping Magazine. Matthew Lesko is the best-qualified man in America to show you how to take advantage of what our great democracy has to offer.


See how Landscapers, Housing Grant Entrepreneurs, Artists and others Got Over $6.5 MILLION in Free Government Money! Get our collection of 46 Successful Business Plans and 53 Successful Government Money Applications. Order Today!

46 Sample Business Plans Including:


1. 1200 Head Dairy Facility
2. 4 Magazine/Tobacco Stores
3. Auto Repair Shop
4. Automobile Detailing And Cleaning
5. Bar and Restaurant
6. Baskin Robins Ice Cream Franchise
7. Bed And Breakfast
8. Boot, Shoe and Saddle Sales And Repair
9. Bridal Shop And Wedding Services
10. Business Plan: En Espanol 1
11. Business Plan: En Espanol 2
12. Chevrolet/Oldsmobile Dealership
13. Children’s Fitness Center
14. Children’s Health Service
15. Computer Sales And Service
16. Contractors Supply Business
17. Convenience Store
18. Day Care Center
19. Day Care Center
20. Delicatessen
21. Donut Franchise
22. Electrical Contractor
23. Food Court Mall Restaurant
24. Healthtalk Radio Network
25. Hotel In Montana
26. House Painting Service
27. In-Home Services For The Elderly
28. Landscaping Business
29. Montessori Preschool
30. Party Supplies and Greeting Cards
31. Personal Care Assisted Living Facility
32. Pest Control Marketing Service
33. Photocopy Business
34. Pizzeria
35. Private Tutoring Service
36. Restaurant And Lounge
37. Seafood Restaurant
38. Sub Shop
39. Tropical Flowers Distributor
40. Upscale Restaurant
41. Video Production Company
42. Web Site Training Company
43. Wedding, Prom And Bridemaids’ Dresses
44. Wholesale Sandwich Company
45. Window Cleaning Business
46. Windshield Wiper Manufacturer

53 Money Applications Including:


1. $577,538 To Start A Small Airline
2. $525,000 For A Bed And Breakfast
3. $442,527 Free To Train Caregivers
4. $409,986 To Computerize Information About Hiking Trails
5. $300,000 To Start A Mentor Program
6. $299,685 To Develop A Tutoring Systems For Elementary Students
7. $275,000 For An Automotive Machine Shop
8. $218,473 For A Record Keeping Business
9. $200,000 To Develop A CD-ROM For Children With Disabilities
10. $200,000 To Develop Railroad Ties Out Of Recycled Plastic
11. $200,000 To Improve An Oil Business
12. $192,000 To Start A Bagel Restaurant
13. $180,000 To Make Videos Accessible To The Blind
14. $167,000 To Train 27 Employees
15. $166,000 To Start A Learning Center
16. $134,000 Cash Infusion
17. $100,000 For A Billiard Parlor
18. $100,000 To Develop A Theater
19. $100,000 To Open A Convenience Store/Deli
20. $100,000 To Purchase Fitness Center
21. $99,954 To Develop A CD ROM For Breast Cancer Patients
22. $99,945 To Set Up A Parent Training Center
23. $91,640 To Open An Espresso Bar
24. $91,250 To Start A Laundry Business
25. $85,000 For A Sculpture And Mural For A Local Public School
26. $80,000 To Buy A Woman’s Fitness Franchise
27. $80,000 To Purchase A Women’s Exercise Franchise
28. $80,000 To Start A Publishing Company
29. $75,000 Fort Landscaping Business
30. $69,690 For A Butter & Cheese Company
31. $61,550 To Develop Herbal Products
32. $60,000 For A Film Festival
33. $50,000 For Green Earth Emporium
34. $50,000 To Hold A Basket Weavers Meeting
35. $45,000 To Help Children With Disabilities
36. $20,000 For A Polish-American Christmas Gala
37. $14,500 To Travel To Venice
38. $10,000 To Hire A Management Consultant
39. $5,000 To Be A 3-D Visual Artist
40. $5,000 To Help Become A Painter
41. $5,000 To Study Print Making
42. $5,000 To Work On Textile Crafts
43. $5,000 To Work On Your Painting
44. $5,000 To Write Poetry
45. $5,000 To Write Poetry
46. $5,000 To Write Short Stories
47. $5,000 To Write Short Stories
48. $5,000 To A Textile Artist
49. $3,000 To Learn Weaving
50. $3,000 To Teach African Drums
51. $2,690 To Teach Blues Guitar
52. $550 To Put On A Dance Performance
53. $265 To Start A Floral Business


See how Landscapers, Housing Grant Entrepreneurs, Artists and others Got Over $6.5 MILLION in Free Government Money! Get our collection of 46 Successful Business Plans and 53 Successful Government Money Applications. Order Today!

Only 20% of the Governments Free Money is called a grant.

Most people know that grant money refers to money that the government gives out and you do not have to pay it back. And that is true, but what most people do not know is that most free money programs are not called grants by the government, they are called direct payments. It is very easy for someone not to know all about government jargon. I have even seen government officials get thoroughly confused on this issue. And this does not account for other free money programs the government has like the one they call forgivable loans. This reminds me of when I used to ask my father to lend me $5.00. I usually never paid him back.


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