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Free Money For Women’s Health, Fitness and Nutrition



Free Health CareDiscover Thousands of Little-Known Programs From Government and Non-Profit Organizations That Offer:  Free Money, Free Doctor Care, Free Information, Free Treatment, Free Services, Free Health Products, Free Books, Free Prescription Drugs, For All Income Levels and much more!




Name, Address, Websites and Descriptions For How To Get:

  • Free Care At 22 Hospitals For Kids
  • Grant Money For Children With Hearing Loss
  • Free Private Eye And Mediation For Missing Children
  • Free Trained Dogs, Travel and Air Fare For Sightless
  • Free Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment
  • Free Wheel Chairs
  • Free Dental Care For Seniors and Disabled
  • Make $38,000 and Get Free Health Care For Your Kids
  • Free Morning After Hotline To Eliminate A Pregnancy
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill Available Without  A Prescription
  • Free Immunizations For Your Kids
  • Low Cost Immunizations For Travelers
  • Free Help to Fight Your Insurance Company
  • 30% Of all Families Are Eligible For Free Health Insurance
  • Grants For Transplant Patients
  • Free Health Insurance Counseling
  • Money For People With Disabilities To Buy Vans
  • Free Dental Care For Kids And Seniors
  • Discounts On Bicycle Helmets
  • $5 For STD Tests
  • Free Computers For People With Disabilities
  • Free Eye Care
  • How To Solve Insurance And Money Problems For Cancer Patients
  • Learn How To Be Your Own Health Care Advocate
  • Free Speech Therapy For Toddlers
  • Free Flu Shots
  • Free Nutritional Quiz
  • Watching Your Weight Can Help Prevent Breast  Cancer
  • How To Use the Internet To
  • Free Wigs For Breast Cancer Patients
  • Free Legal Assistance For Battered Women
  • Hotline Locates Wondering Alzheimer’s Patients
  • Ask A Dietitian Hotline
  • How To Find An OB/GYN, Pediatrician, Nurse -Midwife, Birthcenter
  • Free Database Search Of 650,000 Doctors
  • Find Out, FOR FREE, If You Have Diabetes
  • Free Air Travel To Needed Medical Care
  • Free Counseling And Emotional Support When You Have Cancer
  • Free Home Care And Child Care Cancer Patients
  • Grants and Loans For Adoptions
  • Free Money & Drugs For Kidney Patients
  • Free Summer Camp For Kids With Cancer,
  • Kidney Disease, or Asthma
  • Free Hotels For Cancer Patients
  • Free Child Care When Getting Mammograms And Pap Smears
  • Free Outpatient Psychiatric Services
  • Free 10-Minutes-A-Day Fitness Book
  • Video For Moms Who Fear Child Soccer Injuries
  •  Find Resources and Treatment Information for Cancer
  • $5.00 Confidential GYN Exams For Teens
  • $2,500 Grant For Adoptions
  • An Extra $1,000 From Social Security
  • How To Prevent, Stop And Treat Melanoma
  • Plus Much More!


Free Money For Women

Free Money And Stuff For Women’s Health, Fitness and Nutrition Is Now Part Of The Government Money Club.

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