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Free Business Grant Money For WomenOver 5,000 Government Business Sources Of Grants, Loans, Venture Capital, Management, Technical Assistance and Marketing Help. Every Year Over 500,000 women start their own business. Two out of every three new businesses are started by women. And women are more successful than men. Women have a 75% greater change of success in business ownership!

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$30,000 To Start A Business In A Small Town
$15,000 Grants For Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
$$$ Money For Women To Start A Small Business When They’re Out of Work
$250,000 To Start A Day Care Center
$$$$ Money, Training And Child Care When You’re Starting A Business
Free Seminars On How To Sell Your Products Overseas
One Page Application Can Get You $100,000
Start Your Business and Don’t Pay Taxes For 15 Years
20,000 Free Experts that Will Increase Your Profits
Over $1 Billion To Work On Inventions and New Ideas
$75,000 If Your Business Is Hurt By Imports
$300,000 From Venture Capital Angles Who Invest In Women Entrepreneurs
80% Discount on Energy Consultants
$25,000 To Send Your Employees To Computer Classes
$3 Million For Women With Low Income To Start A Business
$20,000 For Horse Lovers
$25,000 To Work On A Method To Reduce Wood Waste
Free Mailing Lists Of Customers
$25,000 To Start A Home Based Business
Free Consultants Train You
$100,000 For Low Income Businesses In Tennessee
$2 Million For New Ways To Recycle Tires
$150,000 To Start A Coffee Bar
Make $75,000 Working Out Of Your Home
Special Offices To Help Women Get $10 Billion In Government Contracts
$5,000 To Make A Sales Call Overseas
Get $10,000 For Every New Job You Create
Get Paid to Attend Entrepreneur Classes
$15,000 For Single Mom’s To Get Into The Real Estate Business
$20,000 To Start A Business In Certain Zip Codes
Save $2,000 On Preparing a Business Plan
$100,000 To Develop A New Product
Free Legal Help To Fight The Government
$10,000 For 10-Year-Old Girls To Start Their Own Business
Business Loans For Women With Bad Credit
How To Get The Government To Pay Half Your Wages
On How To Use The Latest Technology
$50,000 To Fix Up An Old Building
Plus Much More!

Free Money & Help For Women Entrepreneurs Is Now Part Of The Government Money Club.


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