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Free Money and Help Testimonials Keith Rosa & Gill Rodrigues, Florida

A pharmacist and college students who received $100,000 to start a coffee shop.



Jackie Smith, Marylandlayout2_small

had a dead end job in accounting and received over $30,000 for a degree in tax accounting.





Jamie Kelley, Florida

was unemployed and received free tuition, transportation, spending money, plus $700-a-month child care to train for a new job.




layout4_smallArlene Hooks, Florida

With no collateral she received money to buy equipment for her business, plus a microloan.





Marshall T. Poe, Washington, D.C.

spent 15 years supporting himself with government money studying Russian studies.




layout6_smallBart Woodward, Maryland

uses money from government contracts to work at home with the kids while his wife uses money to go to medical school.





Tori Stewardson, Virginia

a 42-year-old mother received over $15,000 plus books and transportation to go back to school to finish her degree.




layout8_smallBlanca Basson, Florida

a singer who received over $30,000 to start a home-based business doing musical jingles.





John Sennett, Virgina

a bar manager who received over $25,000 to go back to school and is now marketing director for a hot internet company.




layout10_smallSheri Winchell, Maryland

lost her job in telemarketing and received government money to start a monogram store in a shopping mall.




layout11_smallJames Freericks, Washington, D.C.

received over $500,000 in government money to work on his project and travel overseas.





Raymond Whitfield, Washington, D.C.

At 68 years old received over $20,000 from the government to get a Master’s Degree in vocational rehabilitation.




These Billionaires Made Their First Million With Government Money Way Before They Were Captains of Industry!

Gobs And Gobs Of Free Stuff

keymat.gif (4320 bytes)Who Doesn't Love a Freebie?

Times are tough, and we're all looking for more ways to save a few bucks, right? So here are more than 1,000 freebies and cheapies to get you started. They are not all free; only 923 of them are. The rest cost less than $10! But they're well worth it.


It's all the neat stuff you can get your hands on and put to use for gifts, self-help, teaching aids, toys, investment decisions and more. What we've done here is put together the government's greatest hits in one easy fingertip reference!


Freebies for the whole family!

For Grandma: Turn her home into that little bed and breakfast she always wanted. Publications that can make her the next "Queen of the Dancing Grannies."


For Mom: A "Top Gun" pilot as the featured speaker for her next women's club meeting. Break into the world of business with help from the Women's Business Ownership program. Check lead levels in house paint and water


For Dad: Extra money reporting the neighborhood tax cheat to the IRS. Beat a speeding ticket with a report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Get a raise, using information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


For the kids: Dig up real dinosaur bones with some help from the National Park Service. Convince mom pizza is good for you with studies from the Food and Nutrition Information Center.


For your mother-in-law: Send her to the moon as a NASA civilian astronaut. Send her on a free trip to Jamaica as a Peace Corps volunteer.


For Grandpa: Let Bill and Hillary send him his next birthday card. Make him the life of the party with a free videotape of his prostate surgery.


For your church: A free drug-confiscated limousine from the General Services Administration. A thousand free books to sell at your next yard sale from the Library of Congress.


For your boss: Close down your office until they replace that smelly copier with help from the Environmental Protection Agency. Warn him that if he makes a pass at you at the office Christmas party, you and your friends at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will see him in court.


For yourself: Let the Bureau of the Census point you in the direction of single men and women. Let the National Park Service find the best place for you to escape that rat race next summer. Have the IRS show you how to write off your vacation expenses.


Name, Address, Websites and Descriptions For How To Get:

  • A Free Photo Of Socks
  • Free Christmas Trees
  • Free Books to teach your kids Math
  • Free Solar System puzzle from NASA
  • Aerial Photo's of your neighborhood
  • Free Books for your next fundraiser
  • Fix your own credit report
  • Fly a Flag over the capital in Honor of a friend
  • Free toys from Smokey the bear
  • Free Posters from the forest service


And Much More!

Gobs And Gobs of Free Stuff Is Part Of The Government Money Club

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