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Free Money and Help Testimonials Keith Rosa & Gill Rodrigues, Florida

A pharmacist and college students who received $100,000 to start a coffee shop.



Jackie Smith, Marylandlayout2_small

had a dead end job in accounting and received over $30,000 for a degree in tax accounting.





Jamie Kelley, Florida

was unemployed and received free tuition, transportation, spending money, plus $700-a-month child care to train for a new job.




layout4_smallArlene Hooks, Florida

With no collateral she received money to buy equipment for her business, plus a microloan.





Marshall T. Poe, Washington, D.C.

spent 15 years supporting himself with government money studying Russian studies.




layout6_smallBart Woodward, Maryland

uses money from government contracts to work at home with the kids while his wife uses money to go to medical school.





Tori Stewardson, Virginia

a 42-year-old mother received over $15,000 plus books and transportation to go back to school to finish her degree.




layout8_smallBlanca Basson, Florida

a singer who received over $30,000 to start a home-based business doing musical jingles.





John Sennett, Virgina

a bar manager who received over $25,000 to go back to school and is now marketing director for a hot internet company.




layout10_smallSheri Winchell, Maryland

lost her job in telemarketing and received government money to start a monogram store in a shopping mall.




layout11_smallJames Freericks, Washington, D.C.

received over $500,000 in government money to work on his project and travel overseas.





Raymond Whitfield, Washington, D.C.

At 68 years old received over $20,000 from the government to get a Master’s Degree in vocational rehabilitation.




These Billionaires Made Their First Million With Government Money Way Before They Were Captains of Industry!