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Let Matthew Lesko be your guide to join the millions each year who get Free Money, Grants,  Loans, Giant Contracts and Free Assistance from the Federal and State Governments.

What the Press Says:

  • New York Times…"The vast reservoir of information is why Matthew Lesko is a success."

  • Wall Street Journal…."His knowledge helps him find answers in unlikely places."

  • Washington Post…. "The guru of government giveaways."

  • USA Today…"Matthew Lesko is becoming the Federal Government's best advance man since Uncle Sam."

  • Chicago Sun Times…"Knows more about government than most of its high-level executives."

Matthew Lesko has spent over 25 years helping people take advantage of government money programs. He has written over 100 books on government money programs. Two of Matthew Lesko's books have become New York Times Bestsellers. Two received Best Reference Book of the Year Awards from the American Library Association. Matthew Lesko has written syndicated columns for the New York Times and Good Housekeeping Magazine, and has been a regular contributor to CNN News, ABC News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah, Larry King and National Public Radio. Get it from the best. Get it from the person who really knows.

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Discover Over 15,000 Sources For Your Needs

Everyone is eligible for government money programs.  The rich and famous use these programs for their success. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, H. Ross Perot, Federal Express, and Nike shoes have all used these programs. These programs are for everyone who lives in this great democracy. You just have to know where to go to take advantage of them

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Why settle for a risky product that has no refund? Matthew Lesko stands behind his 25 years of work with no conditions and no fine print. Risk Free, 90-Day, Unconditional Guarantee.


Look At What You Can Get!

  • $50,000 to Open a Coffee Shop
  • $30,000 to Go to School in Hawaii
  • $43,000 to Become a French Chef
  • $100,000 to Open a Country Inn
  • Free College Tuition If You’re Over 55
  • $30,000 to Become a Grizzly Bear Tagger
  • $70,000 to Study Arts Management
  • Free Tutoring If You’re A Women Having Trouble In Math and Science
  • $12,000 to Attend a Cowboy Festival in Australia
  • $6,500 For College If You Lost Your Job Because of Imports
  • $5,000 to Start a Street Hockey Equipment Co.
  • $10/hr for a Part Time Job To Help Pay For College Tuition
  • $75,000 to Renovate an Old House
  • $63,000 To Cover All Your College Expenses
  • $100,000 to Start a Day Care Center
  • $5,000 to Train Your Employees
  • $22,000 for Free Training as a High School Dropout
  • $2,000 to Study Storytelling
  • $50,000 to Edit Science Magazines at Home





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